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I am an Illustrator, with degrees in Architecture and Literature. I have developed my work in Brazil, my place of birth, and in Portugal, in the field of Children’s Literature and other works such as book covers and advertising materials. I have 10 books published in the domain of illustration, in 5 of which I am also the writer. I use with versatility different techniques, going from the traditional drawing on paper to the digital painting.

“Esse corpo de longe que tu vês é apenas a imagem que sou…

Free adaptation of Corpo de Lama from Nação Zumbi

I am currently located at the UK and diving deep to improve my language skills. That’s the main reason why this site is written mostly in English although the bulk of my work was developed in Portuguese, naturally. As much as possible I’ll provide comprehensive information about it or, when suitable, translation. Here and there, however, you’ll find some untranslatable content.