books · June 2, 2021

enchantments… | 2004

BRANDÃO, Eduardo Jorge Cardoso DANTAS, Amaury Braga. (2004). Encantos e encantamentos em uma Ilha do Rio-Mar… . Belém.

This book is a collective work that contributes to the preservation of the beauty, history and environment of the region of the islands of Belém (Pará – Brazil), particularly of Mosqueiro Island. The authors and illustrators intend with this work to add value to the process of boosting tourism in Mosqueiro, in addition to offering teachers of various disciplines in the local education network a teaching resource that associates the culture and history of the region with the the school’s interest in training its students..

about the illustration

In a book whose focus is the history of an archipelago in the largest hydrographic basin in the world, water imposes itself as an aesthetic element, which is why the technique of illustration used is watercolour. The focus of the illustration, in turn, is the narrators (figures from local mythology: Iara, Boto, Boiúna and Matinta Pereira) and the aquatic environments (rivers, mangroves, streams).