books · June 5, 2021

fishing… | 2008

book for fishing with horizon line.

VIEIRA, Paulo. (2008). Livro para pescaria com linha de horizonte. Belém: Embrapa Informação Tecnológica.

In 2006, the set of poems that make up this book received the outstanding prize in the IV Contest of the Casa de Cultura Mário Quintana. In 2007, Embrapa Technological Information accepted the challenge of publishing it with a daring graphic project that includes illustrations and simultaneous printing in black and braille.

about the illustration

Light and dark. Seeing, not seeing. Colouring pencils present, to the eyes of those who see, atmospheres and ambiences, much more than scenes. In fact, it is not about illustrate but rather give a stage to the poetry, whose translation into images would run the risk of impoverishing it. The rough texture of the kraft paper interspersed with the smooth texture of the white paper presents to the fingers of those unable to see the same poetic environments, sometimes dense and dark, sometimes soft and light.