books · June 3, 2021

pollinators | 2004

23 x 21 cm | paperback | 64 pages
Albuquerque, D. (2004). Polinizadores. Belém: Embrapa Amazônia Oriental.
work done: writing, illustration & graphic project

Pollinators reveals to us the forest as a living being, where each component has its function. It addresses not only the importance of the pollinators, which guarantee the reproduction of trees, but also the medicinal plants, the biodiversity, the traditional knowledge and the forest management. It is a contribution to the magnificent spectacle of nature and should be encouraged and disseminated as an example of educational practice with a view to the future we want for Brazil.”

[Marina Silva | The Brazilien Minister for the Enviroment 2003-2008 ]

About the illustration

Green is the aesthetic element that gives strength and unity to the set of illustrations and reflects the dense environment of the Amazon forests where the story unfolds. It materializes primarily on odd pages (full page illustration) through the use of pastel (dry or oil) on kraft paper. The even-numbered pages, with a white background and isolated elements, contrast the soft, monochromatic pastels with the green of the forest in the approach of isolated objects and characters. Watercolour punctuates the transition of the chapters framing the openings and blurring their conclusions.